Moto Edge 2021 / Edge 5G UW Aegis Series Holster Case with Built-in Screen Protector

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Moto Edge 2021 / Edge 5G UW, Full-Body Rugged Dual-Layer Shockproof Protective Cover with Kickstand and Built-in-Screen Protector, Belt-Clip Holster
The Aegis Series case and rugged holster offers your phone the best in protection while throwing extra features like adjustable Belt-clip and kickstand. The 360° rotatable adjustable kickstand allows you to adjust stand to your desire viewing angle. Moreover, the case protects your phone with [Shock Absorbing] dual-layer to deal with those heavy drops. The front casing with built-in screen protector prevents the device screen from scratch the surface. The super stylish case will make your phone looks even better!

Covrware Keep it Covered.

An Covrware original design with you in mind, whether it's going for a night out in the city or a hike through the mountains, the Aegis Series phone case fits your needs.

    The built-in screen protector will prevent the screen from scratch.
    Get access however you need it when you need it. Enjoy the added functionality of the belt clip holster, or use the case without the holster—it's up to you. The 360-degree holster rotates and locks into 24 different positions for a variety of carrying options. The Belt-Clip also works as kickstand allow hand free streaming.
    The hard exterior back piece is resistant to low impact falls and helps protect against light bumps and scratches to your device.

Compatible with the following models only: Motorola Edge 2021 / Moto Edge 5G UW


PC Polycarbonate

TPU Thermoplastic polyurethane

  • Moto Edge 2021
  • Motorola Edge 2021
  • Moto Edge 5G UW

✔ Built-in Screen Protector

✔ Belt Clip Holster

✔ 360° Full Body Protection

✔ Belt-Clip works as kickstand

✔ Raised Edge for Camera Lends and Screen

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carlos M.

Excelente producto cumpli mis espectativas

Durable and stylish

What I liked best about the phone case is the button covers that prevent dust from clogging phone. Very useful for someone who works in construction.

Robert Smith
Like the screen cover

This thing is great for protecting the phone. I've dropped it multiple times with no damage to the phone at all. The charging cover tab is a little stiff but pulling it open all the way and holding it a few times like that makes it pliable enough to easily push it out of the way when connecting the cord. The belt clip 40 out of 40 times will lock in the open position rather than break when you catch it on something. In 3 yrs, I've replaced the belt clip/cover holder more than half dozen times because the holder will break but not where you'd think. The part you push out to release the phone breaks after a few hundred times getting out your phone. The things I think really have broken it more often than not was in laying down and putting weight on pressure on that tab with no phone in the outer cover. The other times it's broken might have something to do with catching loose clothing between the phone in the case and the outer cover/holder or in attaching the phone into the cover when it's not alligned. These things cause the tab to overstretch and break over time. I knew the holder was going to be the weak point but was very surprised to find that not one belt clip had broken off. After the first few holders breaking, I just bought a half dozen so I wouldn't have to wait for shipping every time one breaks. The other things I don't like are that the holes in the transparent screen cover allow dirt through and disassembling the cover and cleaning both the cover and the phone. You do this infrequently enough the protector frame breaks from doing it wrong. Mine is cracked and broken in places around the frame holding the transparent screen protector yet the rubber cover continues to hold everything together without a problem and also hides the cracked frame from view. I would give this 4.8 stars because the tab breaks so often but I really cannot phone is well protected with this thing. I've even dropped this in water and retrieved it quickly. I turned my phone off, dropped it in rice for 24 hrs just in case but I think this case kept most of the water out though by no means is this case waterproof.

enrique perez
Excellent quality

This product was exactly what I needed and was exactly as described.
Would definitely buy again.

Wendy Bagot
The case is great.

This case is light and protects my phone.